Your Sales Partner

We are the pharmacy sales partner of choice for your brands, delivering national distribution, stand-out presence at point-of-sale, and tailored sales strategies to drive consumer demand.

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Customer Alignment

Professional, dedicated and supportive : when you need solutions, we deliver.

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The 5-point case
for roha apothekendienste

A good partnership is something to be proud of. Learn why it makes sense to choose roha apothekendienste for your brand.

1National Distribution

We deliver to all of the best-performing pharmacies in the country.


We have been delivering top value on top brands since 1999.


Short communication channels typical of a medium sized family company.


Your partner for the pharmacy, wholesaler, doctor and patient.


Favourable cost-benefit ratio from cost-sharing.


18.000 customers

Sales is our passion. For more than 15 years we have been committed to the success of signature pharmacy products, from OTC medicines to beauty.

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We can provide tailored Marketing recommendations for all target-groups, specialist and consumer media, and for the relevant sales-channels.

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Reaching targets at pace.

Our warehouse can dispatch up to 1000 packages a day, handling everything from pallet sized deliveries to individual items.

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